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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag (And 3 Important Things You Didn't Think About!)

Things are getting real! It's time pack the hospital bag!

You will be packing for three (unless your partner wants to pack their own bag.) We have the essential list and 3 very important things you didn't think about. We suggest keeping baby and your items together and then your partners bag with the little extras separately. I challenge you to fit it all in once suitcase with these tips from Marie Kondo: Video

For Yourself:

Comfy change of clothes, a nightgown, and a light robe are a must. No one likes those hospital socks; so pack your own or grab some slip on shoes or slippers. Pack some extra comforts from home, like a light blanket and your favorite pillow. If you are having an induction or want to have some labor tools, a Bluetooth speaker for music and some essential oils/ massage oils can be great to have on hand. Don't forget to grab your make-up bag, any current medications, deodorant and toiletries. Most hospitals have these items for sale in their gift shop if your forget them.

The first item you'll want but didn't think about is your ID, wallet and insurance info. You will be asked for this info upon arrival.

For Baby

Pick out the perfect going home outfit. Don't leave out baby mittens, a hat and socks! Have your pediatrician info and your IBCLC's number handy in case you need it. A few baby blankets are nice as well as burp cloths and a nursing pillow. We find parents really love the My Breastfriend Pillow instead of the typical horsehoe shaped pillow; those kinds tend to cave in and move away from your body, putting baby in an awkward crevice. A few stacked pillows work great too! Most hospitals have breast pumps and brand new accessory kits so no need to bring your pump. Some parents find it helpful to bring a hand pump or Hakaa/ silicone pump incase. If you don't have your car seat installed, now is the time to set it up and put it in the car.

The second item you didn't think about, but you'll want to bring is an extra long charging cord or an extension cord. The hospital outlets are few and far from the bed! You will want to take lot's of pictures, so you will need a full battery.

Your Partner

They will want some comfy clothes, PJ's and slip on shoes too. Pack some snacks so they can keep their energy up to be your coach! You may want to call your hospital and ask about their mask policy. Have a few packed just incase you need them. Pack any cameras or video devices, as well as tablets or lap tops to help pass the time or video call with family.

The third item you will want to have but didn't think about are small bills or coin change for the vending machines. If you have a late labor and the kitchen is closed, you might need a Snickers bar to hold you or your partner over.

Little Extras

We asked families some items they wished they had and these were too good not to share!

  • Birth/ breastfeeding plan

  • lip balm

  • lotion

  • extra hair ties

  • nursing bra

  • large towel (hospital towels suck apparently.)

  • toothbrush and toothpaste

  • favorite snacks and drinks

Download this checklist here

hospital checklist pdf
Download PDF • 619KB

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