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Prenatal to postpartum counseling through out your breastfeeding journey. From pumps, to weaning, nipple soreness and positioning for the best latch, let's troubleshoot and work together. Never feel rushed, or like just a number. Our appointments are blocked off for two hours to ensure we have plenty of time together to work towards your goals. We provide the support to guide you through your journey in developing a happy and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship.

Home & Office visits are available seven days a week

We are happy to offer many options for payment and insurance billing. Please visit our Insurance Page for more information. 

Lactation Consultations

In-office or in your home, consultations include:

  • Discussing your pregnancy, birth and medical history

  • Observing a nursing session

  • Weighing baby before and after a feed

  • Addressing any questions or concerns

  • Making a plan for completing your breastfeeding goals 

  • Phone support post consultation as needed (24-7 support)

We also offer individualized care for the following...

Pump Consult

When's and How's

Learn the basics of pumping in a one-on-one environment. We help you assemble, size and adjust the settings to ensure correct fit and usage for optimal output. Equipped to help you with any brand, questions or concerns! 

(Suction gauging also available for older or used pumps.) 

Sharing a Meal
Allergen Consult

Can I Eat That?

Navigating food allergies or sensitivities while breastfeeding can be difficult to manage. As an IBCLC we walk through signs, symptoms of true allergies and take a closer look at other possible root causes such as fast letdown, oral ties and position and latch.

If a sensitivity or allergy is suspected, you'll have the support to help eliminate suspected foods and continue on your breastfeeding journey. 

Paced Bottle Feeding

Boobs to Bottles

The transition from exclusively breastfed to occasional bottles can be a crucial time for your family. What kind of bottle do we use? What is Paced Bottle Feeding?

When do we introduce the bottle and how? 

Let's cover all the bases and make sure you and bay are prepared for supplemental feeds, back to work or the occasional date night! 

Support persons, caregivers and partners are always welcome to attend!


For more information regarding pricing or payments please call us

From the comfort of your home, prenatal, pump and lactation consults are available seven days a week with HIPAA Compliant Telehalth.  In most cases Insurance covers these visits as well. 

Phone and Telehealth Support 

Available for the parent who may be out of town or who has a concern and cannot be seen right away. 


We are pleased to be, Spectra Certified!

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First Latch Support 

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