Prenatal to postpartum counseling through out your breastfeeding journey. From pumps, to weaning, nipple soreness and position for the best latch, let's troubleshoot and work together. We provide you support to guide you through the journey in developing a happy and enjoyable breastfeeding relationship.

Home & Office visits are available seven days a week

We are happy to offer many options for payment and insurance billing. Please visit our Insurance Page for more information. 

Lactation Consultations

In-office or in your home, consultations include:

  • Discussing your pregnancy, birth and medical history

  • Observing a nursing session

  • Weighing baby before and after a feed

  • Addressing any questions or concerns

  • Making a plan for completing your breastfeeding goals 

  • Phone support post consultation as needed (24-7 support)

Breastpumps & Accessories 

We are proud retailer of Spectra Breastpumps and accessories. We carry the following items: 

The Spectra S2

Manual Breast Pump

9-volt portable vehicle adapter

Flanges, tubing, duckbill valves and backflow protectors 

We are pleased to be, Spectra Certified!

For more information regarding pricing or payments please call us

Phone and Telehealth Support 

Available for the parent who may be out of town or who has a concern and cannot be seen right away. 

From the comfort of your home, prenatal, pump and lactation consults are available seven days a week with HIPAA Compliant Telehalth.  In most cases Insurance covers these visits as well. 

First Latch Support 

432 Eastwood Rd. Suite 102 Wilmington, NC 28403

Telephone-  614-717-8487   Fax- 910-408-7441

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