Ten Activities That Will Occupy Your Toddler While You Nurse Your Newborn

That thought hits you all through your pregnancy, the fear of keeping two alive. Heck, even just keeping them HAPPY! How do you split you love and attention? If you are planning to breastfeed, you will most likely be on your couch for the majority of the day with your breastfeeding pillow, a giant glass of water, and the newest, hungriest member of the family. This might sound scary, but I'm here to say- it's reality. The first couple of weeks post-partum keep you in a bubble of breastmilk, snuggles, pajamas and recovery. Newborns eat a minimum of 8 to 12 times a day! That can be overwhelming to some especially when you have another toddler to look after. These activities keep your toddler's

Make Your Free Breastfeeding Plan

I am a Virgo, planning flows through me and makes me feel in control. I meticulously searched every template for birth plans. I read all the books and made the best Birth Plan equipped for my home birth and just in-case hospital birth (which actually happened the second time around!) Fast forward 10 years later and I am now a Lactation Consultant here to urge you, and help you plan and make a Breastfeeding Plan! Breastfeeding is natural, why would I need a Breastfeeding Plan? While breastfeeding is the biological norm, it is not always easy to get off to the right start. Most hospitals and birthing centers are now equipped with Lactation Consultants. There are about 600 hospitals in the U.S.

Rachael Birkenhauer, IBCLC, RLC

is an experienced Lactation Consultant

and mother of two kids. She has additional

Certifications in Tongue and Lip Ties: Assessment and Aftercare as well as Maternal and Infant Assessment for Human Lactation. 

She has a thriving Private Practice in Wilmington, North Carolina that opened in 2015. 

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