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In our hopes to get more coverage for our families, Lactation Counseling Services has partnered with Lactation Network. The Lactation Network guarantees families, that have PPO plans, in-home or office lactation consultations with a registered IBCLC.

They directly check for coverage and bill your insurance *at no cost to you!* 


To learn more and check coverage please click here: The Lactation Network  

According to The Affordable Care Act, breastfeeding counseling services (also known as lactation counseling,) are a covered benefit during the prenatal and postnatal periods. 

These services include breastfeeding education and support groups as well as individual, private, consultations to address specific issues. Your Insurance Provider may reimburse or cover up to six lactation consultations. Additional consultations may be covered under medically necessary circumstances identified by and/or prescribed  by a recognized provider. 


Don't have a PPO plan?  DON'T FRET! 

Consultations are affordable and available for you seven days a week, in my office, virtually or in your home. A superbill is given to every family for insurance reimbursement. 

Medicaid & Tricare families receive a substantial discount. Please specify when shceduling. 

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