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Our Mission: 

To ensure access to lactation support, resources & tools for all of Eastern North Carolina. 

If you are in need of low-cost lactation support with an IBCLC and have medicaid or are uninsured, please fill out this form and someone will be in contact soon. 
Online Resources and some
of our favorite things. 


Services offered 

We rely on donations to help pay for the resource room rent, furnishing the space (shelves etc.) and items that are often needed from families in abundance.

Our TLC Fund gives a scholarship to moms who cannot afford a one-on-one lactation visit. You can specify on the donation link what you would like your funds to go toward. 100% of donations go to The Lact-Center and back into our community for families in need. 

Thank you for donating! 

Our Story

This Resource Room has been a vision and dream... 

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