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The No-thanks Bank


Taking those pesky formula samples that were shipped to your home, and putting them to good use!


Our Mission:

Adopted in 1981 by the World Health Assembly, the International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes is intended to protect and promote breastfeeding, through the provision of adequate information on appropriate infant feeding and the regulation of the marketing of breastmilk substitutes, bottles and teats.

According to UNICEF (2007) "The Code prohibits the advertisement or promotion of these products to the general public or through the health care system."

The Ten Steps to Succesful Breastfeeding for Hospitals and Birth Centers are the basis for the UNICEF/WHO Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. Step 6 in the BFHI states that only for medical indications exist for supplementations and parents of breastfed infants will receive no free samples, items bearing formula company names or logos, coupons etc.

Now that many hospitals are adopting the BFHI, formula companies are marketing in a new way, sending boxes of samples to exclusively breastfeeding families.

Let's get those formulas samples out of your house! You don't need them "just in case." Mommies, your milk is enough! (unless directed by a pediatrician or working with a lactation specialist,) there is no need for these samples! Just say NO THANKS!



Drop off your unwanted and un-open samples to:

Green Baby Diaper Service:

6006 Oleander Dr.


The Bump and Beyond:

4712 New Centre Dr. Unit 106 ( New Location!)


Lactation Counseling Services & Family Tree Chiropractic

914 S. Kerr Ave. Suite D


For more information on donations or location, you can call

Rachael Birkenhauer, CLC




NO LEFTOVER WIC FORMULA these need to be donated back to your WIC location



The No-thanks Bank does not disperse or sell formula. If you are in need of formula I will be happy to give you our latest drop off locations or a list of local food banks!

We are not a non-profit. Just committed to exclusive breastfeeding!




The following new or used items are needed:

Baby Blankets, infant slings and carriers, breastfeeding hand pumps, crib sheets, nursing bras, tanks, dresses and blouses. Breast pump flanges, spare parts, containers and storage bags. As well as unopened pre and postnatal vitamins.

The No-Thanks Bank is excited to partner with Humanity Now for much needed donations to assist with the refugee crisis in Athens, Greece.

You may specify in the comments section after making a donation that you would like those funds to go towards breastfeeding families and supplies.

Drop-off locations

Lactation Counseling Services 
The Bump and Beyond

This list may change with the needs of the families we serve, please check back in frequently. 

Thank You!

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