Tongue Ties explained and what your options are. Includes links to research and explanations on the process with an IBCLC, Bodyworker and Diagnosing Provider.

Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?

When you’re breastfeeding, it can be hard to know whether your baby is getting enough milk. Especially if you don’t pump, you never see the exchange. Your baby latches on, suckles for a while and pops off, satiated and happy.

That’s what h...

Milk Blisters, Clogs and Mastitis, Oh My!

Before I ever breastfed, I knew that you should call a lactation consultant if your nipples were in pain or your baby didn’t latch. But I had never heard of a milk blister. Fast forward 8 years, and blebs are part of my daily vo...

Pumping isn’t the most natural experience. In fact, it can make you feel like you belong on a dairy farm, except you’re not the milkmaid. Hard flanges are attached to your breasts, your nipples are tugged into shapes that you once would have thought were appalling, and...

What is an IBCLC, and When Would I Need to Call One?

I recently added a bunch of new letters after my name. I didn’t get married--I became an IBCLC. Although I’ve been working as a lactation counselor and supporting mothers for more than five years and taking every oppo...

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Rachael Birkenhauer, IBCLC, RLC

is an experienced Lactation Consultant

and mother of two kids. She has additional

Certifications in Tongue and Lip Ties: Assessment and Aftercare as well as Maternal and Infant Assessment for Human Lactation. 

She has a thriving Private Practice in Wilmington, North Carolina that opened in 2015. 

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Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?

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